AJ-G THE DAMBUSTERS  (617 Squadron)

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How Upkeep Works

Figure 1

After Upkeep is released at the precise height (60 feet or 18.3 meters) and distance (400 - 450 yards or 366 - 411 meters) from the dam , it bounces across the water over the anti-torpedo nets and comes to rest at the wall of the dam due to the backspin given to it at release time. The bomb then sinks down but keeps close to the dam wall using the remaining backspin it has. (Figure 1)

Figure 2

Once Upkeep has sank to the required depth (30 feet or 9 meters) the hydrostatic fuse detonates the weapon. (Figure 2)

Figure 3

After the explosion, tons of water slam into the dam wall and the weakened area caused by the blast. The effect of the water slamming into the dam at the weak area compunds the damage caused. (Figure 3)

Figure 4

Once Upkeep has caused the initial weakening of the dam, the huge amount and weight of water that the dam holds back sweeps the structure away. In essence, the dam destroys itself once it has been weakened by Upkeep. (Figure 4)

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